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hey people,

what are the highest paided careers in the design industry?expect from art director...


And which areas of design are competitive?...meaning got no chance
isn't most of the creative industry competitive? And, to be honest, if you're doing it for the money and not the love of creativity, you might be in the wrong industry to begin with.

However, to answer your question directly, I'm not sure. You could do a bit of research on some of the job websites I guess.


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ceasar said:
And which areas of design are competitive?...meaning got no chance
All of them are competitive, very competitive.

Highest paid position, Berry.

If you want the dosh first you need to do the graft there are no shortcuts. Do the graft get the experience prove yourself and your worth, then if your good enough and have the balls do it on your own, do business, earn by employing great ppl and making a mark up.


completely agree with tbwcf :) its all cometitive,, nothing is an easy ride.. If you think that design is an easy job or a one you can ride to a decent paying job / career.. please leave now, don't collect £200 and go straight back to Burger King or whatever other fast food shop you'll have to work in for the rest of your natural life.. Design isn't for you if you want an easy career :)


well naturally chicken suit wearers earn more than anyone else :) for all the danger money :p :lol:


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Seriously, there was a part of Chuck Palaunikkroakjdkbflsadgnlsdg (Fight Club blokey, whos surname is a nightmare to spell) non fiction book about him and a friend walking down the street in a chicken suit and dog suit respectively, they almost got kidnapped!


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There's nothing wrong with money being a priority as long as you have the creative skills to back up the drive for earning.

Marketing/Advertising on the bigger scale is prob where the most money is, with product design also being high up there, but the big money is out of reach for smaller scale agencies/designers unless you get a lucky break or are willing to wait a few years to get majorly established


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Money is an important issue as Love doesn't pay the mortgage.
But love of what your doing is priceless.
Unfortunetly, what you put is what you get out and if you want decent bucks you have to out in a decent shift, which sadly many today want reward without effort. If you want money be a Dentist, big reliable money there! People will always need teeth!