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Modern Warfare 2


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Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone has pre ordered this yet? I managed to get the time to go and do it last week and have it on pre order for the 360, the games looks amazing. I heard the release date got put back another two weeks tho. Does anyone know if this is true?


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I've heard this also but the official site still says 10th Nov release, its probably just rumours. FPS on consoles rock! My friend moved from Counter Strike on the PC to COD4 on the 360 and its taken him months to get the aiming right. He's not too bad now, I could never go back to FPS on PC, it's amazing on the 360, just have to learn how to control the anolgues better. I play the cod4 on high sensativity and its really good.


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I'll be getting it on the ps3,,, and agree completely with glen, the game feels and plays much better on a console. Just got to learn how to play it right.



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Sorry :) flat mates console (and he'll be buying the game)

Makes life much cheaper for me... haha

We have about 30 days online play on CoD4 & CoD5 combined :D

(720 hours)
I really can't be bothered with the 'learning curve', plus my clan plays the PC versions :p

Wish November would hurry up though :D
Whats the clan called Becky?...Might of come across them? You ever heard of Dead Enemy Gaming? We got 4th in the European Gaming Championships for the winter 2008 season for the Hardcore COD4 ladder.
Didn't preorder it. Might get it for PC when the price drops a little bit. I'm going to be too busy with Dragon Age in November anyways :)


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ooo cod4 gaming on PC...

I was part of a 5v5 Search and Destroy team that made top 10 clan base UK 5v5 cod1 clan called -: DoM / 63rd
No. 1 UK clan base several times cod2 clan called - DoM / 63rd
top 20 European 5v5 s&d cod2 clan called 63rd

Also was in the top 14 Europe for BF2 - with a clan called KIA

nowa-days however, im getting a little slow on the reactions and play for fun more.
COD4 -- clan GBUK

I will be getting Modern Warfare 2 (although it does look more and more like a consol port) for PC
and sooner , Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragons Rising,
Sunburn said:
and sooner , Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragons Rising,
Just received my preorder for PC today. Can't wait to get home and play it! Loved the original. No other game ever made me feel that tense :)
glenwheeler said:
Flash point looks ace!
Yeah it's good. I've only played the first 2 missions so far, but I like it. The game is hard though (or maybe I just suck, which is more likely :)). Come on Geoff, buy it now, I could use your help! :)


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Not long now mate, ill be home before you know it :) It all just depends on Royal '****e' Mail, if they have delivered it or not.