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MobileME Help


Well-Known Member
Has anyone else got a MobileME account?
Is anyone else's account broken?

I can't log in for some reason. The ID and password are correct, and just in case I confirmed the ID and changed the password about a million times tonight.

I can log onto the iTunes Store no problem, and I can upload my iWeb stuff easy peasy.
But actually LOGGING IN to the website? It keeps claiming my details are wrong and they're frickin well not!

Any thoughts?


Senior Member
username example: sjobs (don't include @me.com)
password example: microsoft

my login is working fine, hasnt stopped working since maintenance at xmas or whatever, so probably just wrong details accidently?

i dunno. if not PM me.


Senior Member
heh. that's weird.

i dont really know what other help to offer. not really enough information on circumstances for me to say x or y is causing a or b. or z.


Well-Known Member
Exactly. I'm stumped completely. I suppose I was hoping someone would know about some glitch the site was having and that my details were fine it was just a temporary hiccup. Guess not.