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MJ's Birthday


Senior Member
glad someone's on the same lines as me, he's defo not normal, but i cant blame him after having 33 years of media up his arse all the time.
I watched a documentry on him a while back. He has had a bodyguard at his side since he was 4 years old! The media really make me sick, they kill people.


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Its always going to be difficult to judge a situation like this, there is an awful lot of media coverage both positive and negative, there have been accusations, none proven, settled of court, what does that actually mean? could be he was admitting his guilt or because he had more money than the sultan of burnai he could afford to make it go away? (we are not talking about Gary Glitter here, who was accussed and has been to prison, for example)

No of us knew the man, no of us knew what happened in his messed up personal life.

So personally, I think focus on the man's music and what he did best, performing it, and lets judge him for that and that alone and for that reason alone, I am genuinely sad he is gone, and did not get a chance to play the 'last' shows and release the new material.


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He was surrounded by people telling him he was amazing, special and magnificent - so much so he started to actually believe it.