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Miss Helvetica (-;


Junior Member
Hey there!

My name is Kobie. I always wanted to join a design forum...never got around to it though... Should have done it long ago already- Loads of awesome people who have the same interests as me- What could be better!!

I really want to get to know a broader range of designers, because there are so many talented people out there that I would not necessarily have the pleasure to meet - if I don't make an effort.:D

I recently entered a competition for designing a new range gift cards for TFG and would really appreciate it if real designers and lovers of the arts as your selfs, would go and check it out! I would Really love to hear from you and what you think of my work...I find it difficult to get exposure and lets face it the design industry can be a harsh environment, so this was really a great opportunity.

Here is the link to visit and check out my designs

: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.402431413146589.62603376.301488313240900&type=1


Hi there, just to let you know that you need to set the correct permissions on FB to allow people to view the content you're posting to.

It's nice to see how passionate you are about design and joining the community :)