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Mint Stats - Getting Minted!


Active Member
Does any one have any experience with Mint Stats? Mint: A Fresh Look at your Site

I need to use these (rather than analytics) as I need live stats and to check all is working as it should - tracking external links etc asap rather than waiting for google to update at midnight.

Where my confusion lies is I need to set up my DB for the stats to write to on a different server to that which I am actually tracking... Do I need to buy a lisence for the server I'm tracking or the server I'm storing data on? - couldn't make sense which way around from reading this Can I install Mint on one domain/server and use it to track hits on another? // Frequently Asked Questions // Mint: A Fresh Look at your Site

Also both mint stats and google use javascript for their tracking, does anyone know if its possible to run both or if they conflict...?

Thanks In Advance!