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Mince Pieeeees & Christmas


Senior Member
Mince pies are sooo yummy probably the best thing about Christmas! I don't like to do too much Christmassy stuff before December otherwise Christmas would feel like it lasts all year! I may start my shopping soon though...


Senior Member
haha!! Amber arnt you forgetting about the tin of Christmas roses youve been eating :p

I love xmas food! Love the asle at tescos! WIll be leaving off it for next few months! Snack food at work mmmmmm!!
I ordered my christmas tree a couple of weeks back thinking that with the post strikes, it'd take an age to get here and I'd have it in time for December to start..

..It came two days later. :< Along with a few other decoration bits I'd ordered, so at least I have most of my decorations sorted..?:angel:
CSparkes said:
haha!! Amber arnt you forgetting about the tin of Christmas roses youve been eating :p
Haha roses arent just for christmas :p

Typo said:
I don't like mince pies! and i don't like Christmas pud either!
In fact I'm sick of Christmas already...Bah humbug!!!
:O :O :O :(

mrp2049 said:
I got matchmakers the other day!
Oooo mint or orange?

Im dreading starting my christmas shopping - Cardiff will be packed and I hate shopping at the best of times :(
Orange matchmakers are sooooooooooooooooooooo nice

However ... mince pies in October? Disgusting behaviour! I was in my mother's kitchen the other day and she had some of those puff pastry mince pies from Tesco, terrible behaviour.

I don't want to know about Christmas until at least December.


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Christmas is too far away to be bothered, remind me on the 18th of December it's happening?

And even then I'll be more interested in my Birthday!


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christmas is too far away to worry about, but its better to eat food in season! tis the season to eat such things as orange matchmakers (£1 in sainsburys), chocolate oranges, mince pies...oh and various veg!