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MikeButtery - Business Card

It was only a matter of time till I bugged you with more butter based feedback!

I have literally thrown together this concept, based off something Greg had said about using toast?? (I can't find any hi-res images of toast anywhere!)

I quite like the simplicity of the front, but I really do feel the back is lacking. The only thing I could think of is leaving an area for notes, or quote prices in the whitespace on the right hand side? Other than that, I have drawn a blank (again!!! :mad: ) on my own branding, an inspiration would be appreciated. Sorry guys!

I think I saw something as well (maybe Berry said it) about including what design you do on your business card, so say website, advertisments etc? I may be making this up...

Berry your business card is awesome though!


Staff member
make the back a close up of some buttered toast, no logo.

Just get your digi cam out and make some toast :)


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I've just seen your logo for the first time and i think its really good i like the image of the butter curl... the only thing that strikes me is the colour combination of grey and yellow - it reminds me of a construction company or something? I think the logo looks a lot stronger when its on the toast and i think thats cos the grey has gone... did you try other colour combinations?! Sorry if you have totally finalized your logo!!

Also don't think you need that much info on your business card... especialy like prices (as these would date) - but maybe you could put some of your services on


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I'm not sure on the toast, but at the same time it could look really really good when made (would have to see it made to make a decision on that)

Ally - I think he means if he needs to write down the prices or quotes etc there is space so he wants to leave that white...

How about making the logo on both sides smaller, move the text on the text side further right (diagonal symmetry) and also consider removing T / M / W / E as everyone knows what those things are already...

Just my thoughts :D


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Hi Mike, I agree with the general opinion of losing the logo on the back and perhaps buttered toast...

On the front I think the fonts are too LARGE, and perhaps line up the numbers email, web address (tab them inline rather than just being spaced from M: etc).

Have you thought about trying it portrait?


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I'm with tbwcf on the portrait idea. I think you can (sensibly) fill the top with your logo, leave a nice bit of space in the middle and keep the text quite small at the bottom. Also a pet peeve of mine is to see email/web addresses in caps! I think it looks wrong.

The toast idea on the back might be quite nice. But I agree with the comments above, lose the logo and the pic needs to be of 'buttery' toast. If you can stretch to the cost of die cutting it might be nice to have a bite taken out of one of the corners, or the middle??? Just a thought. You'd wonder why it's there on the corporate side of the card and it's a little joke when they turn over. Or vice versa, they get the joke on the reverse and turn over to see what it's all about.


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I personally use an A6 referral card for writing quotes on wouldn't cost much as they're just flyers really...

one side of the card has images other has contact details and white space.
i give them to clients to pass on to other people as recommendation cards.
matt laminate over the side with images to give that sexy feel :) and still allows you to write on the other side.

i find they work well.

maybe you could get it die cut to the shape of a pice of bread :)


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i duno if this is just me being slow but I didn't know what the image was on the back until I read all of the comments relating to it. i love that idea of having a bite die cut out of the card tho, and by showing a slice of toast buttered rather than dry i think that would make it more obvious


I completely agree that the diecut teethmarks would be awesome :D

Or make the whole care in the shape of a piece of bread :D


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Please please do not use that typeface for your details (or your "Graphic designer" text for that matter). It just looks really wrong. Your logo and your 'brand' is all about friendly and fun, but professional but the typeface screams amateur. Use a typeface in lowercase and something with a little more roundedness to it.

I agree with what others have said about the back of your card - no logo. It spoils the toast! And as others have said, definitely butter the toast. Get some good lighting, a bog standard digital camera and snap away but be quick before the butter melts into the toast!


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Quick thoguht - been in a bit of an odd mood today so feel free to dismiss this as the spray mount talking but i'd love to see you burn your logo into a slice of toast - that way you can keep the image and your logo on the reverse without the two being at odds.

Tom Sound

Active Member
great idea, you can buy stamps for toast..

Good one for the anniversary thread!

to get a die made of your logo would be pricey, it would be better to 'fake' the same process for the sake of one photo, unless you have corporate toast stamps made for business cards :D