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Mike, from DFCLStudio says HI! : )

Hello you all.

Sorry about the lousy introduction speaking of myself in 3rd person... I will do better for the next occasion, I hope.

I'm an extremely talkative artist/design/creative/ish and the head (and pretty much all the rest of the body parts) of DFCLstudio in UK.

Me and my mates were originally based in the sunny Buenos Aires, but we are trying to become more global (and it is not as it will happened easily).
I've been here (by here we can say London) around 3 years or so now.

I invite you all to watch and criticise my website. Please be cruel if you have to, as the average client would not even bother -but will ditch you if he does no like you anyway!

DFCL™ // lost in translation

We have an emag about to come out, and some editorial projects on the pipeline. We are usually happy to collaborate or include collaborations of pretty much anybody... and yup, we are a GREAT company to outsource websites / flash games / motion / you name it...

Thanks you all for reading this and I will look forward to talk to EEEVERYONE in this forum.

All the best,


Active Member
Hi Mike,

Welcome to Design Forums, thanks for joining, some excellent work on your site, it took a while to load for me in general, but I'm guessing that's just down to the size & quality of images.

Looking forward to your input around the forums :up:
Thanks, Greg


Junior Member
Ba, no worries. If you ever need a hand with any print based work, or branding and identity stuff, gimme a shout.
@ Gre
Thanks mate!
Same here, if need any web/based hand, I will be more than happy to help. Will surely contact you further; i've checked your site and your work is amazing. feel really honoured you like ours.

@greg, thanks for the feedback. we host with (mt) so it should be fast enough... however I will talk with my main code-man to sort that up.
Hello Web Mistress, thanks!
if you are not using your signature, may I rent it? : D

What is it with Newcastle? I honestly love the accent though sometimes is hard to understand... but how do you stand the weather?