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Micheal Jackson's - This Is It DVD


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I saw it in the cinema and really really enjoyed it.

The awesome thing was watching just Jacko and his dancers perform without the pomp and circumstance of the stageshow. Dont get me wrong I LOVE the stage show, but when it got broken down to just artist performance and music, you could see the mans talent in a way that hasn't been see in years!

I will most likely buy the DVD as it is bound to have a ton of extras!
Yeah has a load mate, its really really good! I know the guy was getting on abit but trust me guy..if you havent seen the DVD then you need to!...he hasnt lost it one bit...he knew every beat to his songs...he even picks up on this on the DVD when he tells the DJ that he miss's single beats...crazy it is..I thought Jacko was a real legend, I love his music, play it none stop on the iphone.


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Berry....I don't know whether to applaud you or smack you!

Glen, I think I'll put it on the shopping list in 3 weeks, rent, council tax, electricty and recording to pay for over the next few weeks!

Greg, where is it cheapest? Is it listed on your magic site?


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mrp2049 said:
Greg, where is it cheapest? Is it listed on your magic site?
It's not listed as it's not a box set. We did have a copy to giveaway on DVD and Blu-Ray but afraid that competition closed on Sunday :( sorry!!
i found it difficult not falling asleep when I saw it on my honeymoon with the missus in Hong Kong... I thought the making of Jurassic Park 3 was a better documentary... then again, I do quite like Dinosaurs, and don't like Michael Jackson... I actually had tickets for a show of his at the O2 before he died, but after seeing this *film*, glad I got a refund on the tickets.

Never understood the hype, I've tried to like his music but I can't get the vision of a girly-voiced, pasty-faced kiddy fiddler out of my head, which puts me off...
Lol, when you can even get the real person as a picture what is the world coming to?

Cue mrp to say he meant to use the fake ;)

I've not seen this and doubt I will pay to. I'll wait for it to come on Sky/TV.

Nik said:
Never understood the hype,
Me neither.


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i watched it on the plane back from SFO and i thought it was pretty damn excellent.

the film did look like he was worshipped a lil but you could see his talent fo sho


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TonyA said:
Tony... I'd like that to be my DF name *sniffle* + *hint, hint*
LOL sorry I read your PM & thought yep I'll get that sorted in a minute then must have been distracted by something!!
Sorry, will get it changed now, your password and other details will stay the same :)
And the world was good again, the young boys heart melted and he loved once more.

I don't know where I was going with that.

Muchas Gracias Greg :up:
Greg said:
No problems TonyA :)
& no, sorry tim that name has been reserved for use by another forum member.
:( I'm a real boy now... not Tonya any more, I have all the parts and 'everything'.

Oh yeah and how do you change your 'senior member' tag btw?