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Michael Jackson This Is It

He can't even walk without the help of 5 guards, 8 nurses, 2 wheelchairs and a frigging monkey.

How the hell is gonna perform one night never mind the full 10?

If he was performing in my back garden id shut the curtains.


Active Member
He did kind of struggle to get the words out at the announcement, after being an hour and a half late apparently, he could have said what was said in the 3 minutes in about 10 seconds, 'I'm coming to the O2 to do some gigs in the Summer, they will be my last live performances, I love you'.

Still interested to see what his performance is like... if it's anything like that press conference it's not going to be all that dynamic!!


Senior Member
maybe it's all just an act, and the frail idiocy, will just disappear, and he'll rip off his costume and be the small boy he once was, dancing and singing away. Well.


:lol: naah he'll go on stage and start dancing then implode taking all his fans with him (and hopefully the O2 as well :D


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Unfortunately not, but I do wear these around the office now and again...

Image from the patent filed by Michael Jackson to describe the method of leaning beyond the centre of gravity, as seen in the pop video "Smooth Criminal"
As Figure 6 shows, it can really help if you need to lean in to look over someones shoulder at their screen, saves a lot of back troubles, I'd recommend getting a pair Berry ;)