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Metal Business Cards / Partner

Hi Guys,

Happy to be around, i'd like to exchange about a couple of things, share, and get your thoughts and ideas (I guess it's the right place!).

We have launched ironCards recently, to offer the best quality business cards, wether it's metal or plastic.

We had a great talk about Metal Business Cards on the French designers forum Kob One and I'd be very happy to have your thoughts, and why not give you new ideas for your clients or yourselves!

Here is the thing : we are keen to offer a "professionnal discount" to designers, as you are ambassadors to us.

The main talk we had on Kob One, was about the fact that our rate card was showing prices including a discount, as our clients accept generally to have a very little tone on tone "ironCards.com" written in a back corner of the card.

French folks hated that, so we had to change the price list (enven if the old one is still here.

Any thoughts? remarks?

There must be a couple of typos, as we wrote the website from Paris... don't hesitate to hunt'em!