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Members only area being accessed by non members?..


Staff member
Hi all, A friend has asked me if I can help but I'm not really sure of an answer to this one so wondered if anyone could offer advice/opinion:

I have a friend who has a naughty cam website. She has members zones and non member zones. A very small amount of non registered members have found a way to access her feeds without paying like there's a loophole in the code or something. Its not happening for all non members so could just be hackers but she wants to know if there is anything common in this scenario as to how she's getting hacked or if there's anything that can be done to stop it?...
I know details are scarce and you'd probably need much more detail about the site and how it runs but any any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.


Well-Known Member
To be honest mate she'd be better off going back to here developers to close any loopholes. The issue could be any kind of vulnerability. Perhaps if you can find out a platform and any plugins she is using then something might crop up in that.