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Melbourne GP

Hi Guys,

This weekend! Who's geared up for it! I know I am, and if your looking for exciting here is a few things that have happend in the past!!



Tom Sound

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glenwheeler said:
The timeoclockberryisnormallyawaketillsoitllbeokay :)

They should have a night race there so it's better timing for us Brits :D

Talking of motorsports, check out this cart...




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I lived in Australia for 2 years and attended the '08 and '09 races in Melbourne.

Loved them both, it was a really good day out and I got in for free because I knew someone on the gate! 08 was mental, think it was about 42 degree's. I'd had a few beers and nearly shat myself when I saw the 747 doing a low fly-over.

I will be watching on Sunday, maybe not at 7am but I'll catch a replay or highlights. Really hope it offers more entertainment value than Bahrain.
Free Practive is on now, some quite interesting news coming out of free practice! 2.50am this is dedication :)

Some latest news you guys might find a bit FAIL from a design point of view.

It has been confirmed that the Virgin car has been designed and Built to take a certain amount of fuel that does not let the car to run for the full race at full speed. So in theory the chassis of the car has not been designed and built big enuff to take the amount of fuel needed to finish a race at any track when driving at full speed. The car now needs a full chassis redesign and the whole chassis needs to be rebuilt. The are estimating this can only be done by the Spanish GP in a few months time however the new chassis obviously has to pass crash test's etc etc and then has to be cleared by the FIA...FAIL job! haha!


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lets see
it was damp
vettel broke his car again
alonso overtook most of the field after first corner spin which also took out schumachers front wing
schumacher got stuck behind a torro rosso for 90% of the race and got overtaken by a virgin car when he couldn't make the move stick earlier on.
chandook finished the whole race (5 laps down mind) - not bad for some one who has literally only done 3 laps prior :)
Jenson button went out on slicks first and nearly crashed then went on to do very well due to his lighter driving style
hamilton got taken up the arse by mark webber while making the moves on alonso

button came first, kubica followed and massa came third, alonso 4th, rosberg 5th due to hamilton (6th) and webber getting frisky
Was an amazing race, can't wait for Malaysia this weekend, I have a weekend of catching up with sleep, Formula One and some of my own work for my sites. Nice and relaxing.