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Me SpeedStacking and Solving a Rubik's Cube (in 23secs)



Yeah these are one of the hobbies I , Its basically stacking 12 cups in an order, It improves your hand-eye co-ordination, good for sports like basketball (eventhough I play football more), Its harder than it looks.

I dont need to tell any of you about Rubik's cubes you all know them ;)


BTW: The expression in the Rubik's Cube video is funny lol it was taken year ago..


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I play basketball, maybe I need to buy some plastic cups?
Are you pretty good at video games with that hand-eye co-ordination?


these arent normal cups they are SPEED STACKS LOL they have holes on the bottom so they dont get stuck! They cost £30 with all the stuff, mat, timer etc..

I dont play hand-eye co-ordination games (COD4 etc) the only games I play in my PSP is Midnight Club LA and Fifa 09 (gonna get 10)

BTW the reason why my analog in my psp broke is I played a FPS game and got too excited lol


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So you can get some plastic cups and put holes in them?

Cups with holes in the bottom make great beer bong-esque cups too