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Massa In Life Threatening Condition

Tom Sound

Active Member
Romack said:
how about Mickey Shoemaker making a comeback!

I'm gonna be watching like, should be interesting viewing

Should be good, looked like the Ferraris used in Hungary were finally competitive. Poor Massa finally had the car to compete and Schumey gets to use it on a track where Massa holds the lap record! What with McLaren up there too now, it should be very interesting!

lol true mrp2049

It will be interesting now to see what schuey can do actually, he's probably drove the "New" designed cars quite a bit and can probably get into the swing of things but from his days things have changed quite a large amount.

No Launch Control, No Traction control, KERS and the lack of front and rear end grip leaving most work down to the drivers. I look forward to Valencia to see what he can do. I think this change will be exciting for the likes of Hamilton, Button, Webber and Vettel.