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Margins and printing


At first i want to apologize for any bad English. I will do my best to avoid more ;)

I am designing a flyer fpr a open-day from a lower school. It will be a A4 size folded. It folds together where i made two school doors come together closed.

I have to take a 3mm margin for the print, but i am not sure if i am supposed to make the doors fall inside this margin or outside, because the image closes them nice when folded together.

How am i supposed to handle this?
Greetings from Holland,



Staff member
Hi Tijmen

By your margins, do you mean the bleed (part of the design) that is cut off after printing?

The bleed area is to allow for any movement during printing and cutting to ensure the design runs off the paper so designing right up to the cut can be a bit like removing
the margin for error.
Most printers have an area a few mm inside the cut edge to allow for this called the safe area.
I'm thinking that your design when folded is to look like the double doors of the school?
Without seeing it it's hard to guess but I'd be inclined to make the edges of the doors go outside the cut edge into the bleed but make the design as forgiving as you can incase of movement.

If you could attach an image that would be a great help.

Welome to DF by the way. :)


Staff member
Ahh, I see now.

I think the most important thing is to ensure you line the images up REALLY well to the cut line as this is where the two parts of the image will join to form the full picture.
I'm thinking that your blue guides are your cut marks and you'll see that they don't line up with the centre of the image.

One question. Is the image of the school on the left the same as the one on the right because they seem slightly different to me?
It really would need to be the same image to match up properly.

Just another point. Is the "OPEN DAG" on the sign a typo? (OPEN DAY)?