Maniacal - Streetwear Brand - Suggestions?


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Hi all,

I've got a side project in which I'm thinking of releasing a clothing line. The line is called Maniacal, I called it that as it's taken from my life and probably other lives too. Life is pretty manic and sometimes you feel like letting lose! I'm going for a stressed look to the logo as I feel it represents the term ' maniacal ' and I've included a little icon above the letter ' I ' which represents the madness we have in life. The icon could be used on its own if I were to produce more variations of the design. I'm going to have the design embroidered onto the hoodie as I want it to stand out as much as possible.

I've got two variations below, do I keep the word ' clothing ' below or shall I get rid of it?

Any suggestions on improving? :giggle:

Thank you,
Connor Hoodie_MockUp1.jpgHoodie_MockUp2.jpg



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Either looks good to me, (apart from going over the drawcords of course), though 'clothing' would disappear if you
reduced the logo right down. The main lettering is maybe joined together a bit too much - if it was printed small it would probably fill in.

If I was being picky, the C is getting a bit illegible and squished up too much. It looks like the top of it should curl round a bit more?


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The C is starting to look like a L. For me, it needs to open up more and have something of a downward stroke at the top.


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Not sure what the icon represents. Looks a bit like a crown to me.

On a more practical note, this seems to be just a standard off the shelf hoodie with a word printed on the front. That’s branding not a brand. Why would I buy yours and not on of the zillions of other branded hoodies on the market.

I’d also look at the definition of the word maniacal. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.