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managing client amends through a central list - online solution?

I'm looking for an online bug/amends piece of software or freeware in order to capture client amends, tasks etc.
Ideally so that a project manager can collate in one list all the client amends that come into the studio, assign someone to look at it and when it's done it's marked back to the project manager for checking. Once the amend is done and closed it is removed off the list.
Anyone use something like this & can recommend.

Tony Hardy

Asana is good. There are plenty of options. I don't think you needed to post this in 3 different boards. Have removed.


New Member
At EdgeThreeSixty we use BasecampHQ - http://basecamp.com/
It's great and allows you to do pretty much anything in terms of collaborating with various people online. Small fee though, but I as you know you pay for what you get.