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Malaysia GP - Sepang Circuit

So...its the Malaysian GP this weekend. I feel I am getting people watching F1 because I chat that much about it. Jason's definatly there and Levi has dropped in some comments too! This is good news for the forums :)!! HAHA!

Malaysian GP

Number of Laps: 56 Circuit Length: 5.543 km Race Distance: 310.408 km Lap Record: 1:34.223 - JP Montoya (2004)


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Don't suppose anyone watch the free practice? Hamilton fastest in FP1 :) That dosent mean a thing the, tells me he's got his head on, so excited for the qually :)


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Well I'll put my arse on the line and try and predict the finishers...

1) Hamilton
2) Vettel
3) Alonso

Vettel has been really unlucky with the first few races so if his reliability comes right he'll be a real contender...


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Note a bad prediction mate, However I still feel the Red Bulls have some issues with the car. Free Practive saw Webber have some sort of engine or Gear Box failure..Vettel is an amazing talent good luck to the guy, he is some one I like as he always has a smile on his face, blames no one and just gets on with his driving.

My Predictions for Qually

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Sebastian Vettel
3. Fernando Alonso
4. Jenspn Button
5: Micheal Schumacher


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Well that went tits up! Still it will be entertaining watching four former world champions battling through the field.
How do YOU spell Jenson Glen?

Now I'm no expert but.....

.....just keeping you on your toes laddie.

Didn't even know there was a race on.

I did know Dr Who was on and will be again next week wahhoo!


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Typo: **** Jenson

and yes it all went tit's up, I was quite annoyed this morning however I have Hamilton down for a decent race, to stay out of trouble on the 1st lap, we are expecting rain so we shall see what goes on bearing in mind they have to use their tyres at different points in the race and bearing in mind Malaysia gets down pours about 3 or 4 times within the race limit of 2 hours. Should be great, very excited dont miss it guys 8am BBC1
I've been to Malaysia and the rain is unbelievable. I wouldn't want to zip around a track in that sort of weather. Time for my Dalek to switch to nobbly wheels me thinks.

In your avatar ...where is your other hand?

What's all that about.
i will be watching it, it moves over to bbc 2 about half way or just after. if redbull can sort out there reliability and bit of luck the rest of the field would really struggle to stay with them.
Red Bulls had the win from the start, good to see the cars lasted the race. Hamilton was on a flyer..Passed 8 cars in one lap 10 cars in 3 laps and from 19th to be placed 6th was a great drive! Alonso blew his engine and Schey retired.
Woah sweet, could u get any thing free or I little inside tour with the team or even some freebies or some signatures anything!!!

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