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Making photo books with InDesign - various problems


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My name is Chloe and I'm a documentary photographer whose trying to be a designer - it doesn't work really, however I'm forcing myself to learn InDesign so I can put a book together, it's only been round 5 hours but I have a million queries.

OK first up -

Image sizing - I've set out all my parameters/measurements with InDesign and have resized my images accordingly - however some images do not come into InDesign in the correct size. Any reason why? It's driving me nuts.

InDesign will let me resize but distorts image - I can't let this happen.

All help greatly appreciated, seriously!



Can you post some examples of the distorted image?

Are you enlarging or shrinking the image?


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I suppose what I mean is - you know in Photoshop you can do apple T to keep the dimensions of the image - can you do this in InDesign - but more importantly at the moment when I drag the images into the book layout they don't expand to the correct size. Does that make sense?


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Oh and I'm not trying to enlarge as the images have all been resized to fit the measurements of the InDesign pages. Most of the images have imported in fine, but some are not - I've checked the dpi / sizing / format and I just don't know what I am doing wrong, sigh!

Thanks for you help in advance.

PS - why when exporting to a PDF does it affect the quality too? How can I minimise this?

Paul Murray

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You need to hold Ctrl + drag or some command like that (not sure off the top of my head), otherwise you just scale the frame, not the actual contents.


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SOLUTION - found on Adobe Forums:

Re: Problem placing a file on Indesign page (Indesign CS3) The image is placed at 100% size when accounting for image resolution, as measured in pixels per inch. A 300 pixel x 300 pixel square will be show as a one inch square if the file's resolution is 300 pixels per inch (ppi). If the same image is 72 ppi it will appear as a 4⅙ inch square. So if you want the image to appear larger, either scale it in InDesign or change its resolution in Photoshop. If the latter, then make sure Resample is turned off in Image > Image Size.

For some reason 72ppi was to little for those particular images, so I made them 150ppi and it work grand.

Thanks for everyones help though!