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Making my hardrives wireless...


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Ok, the time is coming where my hardrives, graphics tablet, keyboard, printer ipod etc are dominating my usb ports on my imac - and im using an adapter (this is one thing that should be improved on macs - the amount of usb ports!)

I know that with the apple airport wireless routers I can ahve one usb item plugged into it and access it wirelessly, but I am also aware that I can be a wireless usb hub to plug into my present router?

The computer setup my house hold currently has:

Windows XP computer connected via ethernet to wireless router
Two Windows XP laptops and my Apple iMac connecting wirelessly to the router
two hardrives connected to my iMac I want to have accesbile on the network.

I know I could plug them into my windows computer and access them that way wirelessly but then I ahve to have the windows computer on to access them

Whats the deal with the usb port hubs that I can plug into my current router? OR have I got it wrong?

Thanks all in advance,

Phil Johns
I know quite a bit about PCs and Windows but not Mac's the Routers, as far as I'm aware the routers just let you connect a USB Hardrive like an external hdd to the router and that becomes accessible 24-7 unlike having a networked hdd on a pc which is only accessible when the pc is powered on. I would also imagine you could you the router a print server so the printer would be accessible 24-7 and again not when the pc is only on.

Essentially I think it's just a way of making a 'server' without all of the domain and active directory stuff only sharing a hard drive between the different pc's to share documents and media etc. A bit like the windows home server!

The moral of the story is don't buy a Mac :p

hope this helps



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The moral of the story is don't buy a Mac
How very dare you! haha

It is something that appears so simple to me that infact is rather a difficult thing to come across!

Thanks for the help Chris.

Looks like im off to a computer shop/apple shop to investigate!

Any more advice greatly appreciated!
I had a similar probblem.

Got a 24" imac with the ports round the back - needed keyboard, external hd, printer, ipod dock and memory sticks to fit in.

I wnt out and spent £30 on a shiney new Belkin 7 Port usb hub - its quality.

Nice clean desktop. With spare ports.

Get one.


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Thanks Ross.

Any chance you could give me a link to the exact one? Ive googled but there is a few around.

What do you plug it into then? and does it let you connect to your hardrives etc wirelessly across desktops?




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Thanks croche.

Does anyone know the concept of how they work?

DO they plug into my router or my computer?
Will I be able to access them from both windows and mac computers?
Do they need their own seperate network or will they run on my normal wireless internet network?