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made redundant AGAIN

Hello all...

Well it's come to it again, I today heard those words no one like to here 'we making you redundant' *hmm sigh* this is the second time in two years.

My boss was saying the nice things like 'the company is loosing you, and your not loosing the company' blah blah blah.. nice to hear him being positive for once, also said he will give me some freelance work with his other business so not all bad....

What do other people do to get your spirits back up?

I was made redundant at the same time as young JimLad (we worked at the same company).
It's a kick in the teeth...it was my second time also.

What can you do...?

I'm back at work now, happy, more secure and getting paid more....hell I just got an iPhone!
It took me 4 months but had freelance work to do during this time.

Sure I got depressed and had self doubts and I'm sure you will also.

Keep pushing, growing and don't let the basterds get you done.
You have the skills experience and talent.
Don't let it go to waste.

Good luck.


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Sorry to hear that Craig.

It was my first time when I got made redundant. It took a while to sink in because I'd never even been out of work before.

I know it's not fun and it can knock you sideways for a while, my advice would be to keep finding excuses to practice your skills. My approach was to take any kind of job to keep my head above water, nothing worse than an empty wallet. Still trying for a "proper" job of course.

Keep practising, improving and applying. Same old advice really. A cheeky pint every now and then helps too, don't forever lock yourself away in the house - go outside!

Tom Sound

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Sorry to hear that Craig, hope he gives you enough freelance work to keep you going while you pick up more on the way, best of luck :)


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Sorry to hear the news Craig, but try to see this as an opportunity, a chance to get some freelance projects in, and a chance to take the extra time to get your portfolio looking as sharp as it can. As Typo & Jim have said, keep yourself motivated and a door will open soon enough :)
Cheers for the feedback guys. Luckily I have been updating my portfolio for some time with cargo my link it I am Craig Davis let me know what you all think so far. I'm going to be contacting all my old contacts and more I would like it to take off so I can be freelance full time but its always the worry when I have bills to pay.

Thanks again people, feedback is welcome to.