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Mad help request but thought I would try


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Right I did my first charity run with a freind yesturday, and I've seriously got the bug for running competitively, now.

This time round I want to kinda do it on my own so I don't feel bad leaving my mate, but.....does any1 know of any good running events coming up over the next few months in the Leicester and Warwickshire region?

I've got another 10k run for Cancer Research coming up this Sunday in Milton Kenyes, hopefully should know by tonight if I can make it, as well, but apart from that it seems like I have decided to get the bug at the end of the season as there is not much going on. :(

Anyhoo any event recommendations would be great, as I've been looking and this is the only 1 left I can do this year by the looks of it.

Cheers Jaz.


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I'm actually climbing Snowdon on the 18th to plant two Oaks for my Uncle who died of cancer earlier this year, but that sounds so cool, a thousand ppl, or what ever, all planting trees, WOW. That is so well thought out, well as long as you don't have to run with your tree, that would be mad. :)


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What the tree????
O cheers buddy I flaming run the thing, plant my tree and then you flaming dig it up, now that's a true mate, lol, lol.


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O Greg, how come I did not think of that, man you are a star fella, very, very much appreciated. :clap:

If any1 knows of any events still let me know though just want to get as much in as I can.
I did the Middlesbrough 10k run few weeks a go. I have afull list of events, Ill post when I get home. All of the events are sponsored by Lucazade..


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Aww man spot on already become a member and loving the events, and I'm going to join my local club as well, so thanks guys spot on with the advice.

Anyone else has any suggestions please feel free to share.