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Macbook battery replacement


Senior Member
I need a new one for my 13 macbook.

What do I do? Do I shell out £97 at apple, which is all well and good, but I am waiting on a payment from a client, and with christmas not so far away money isn't exactly flowing or do I chance my arm on....

macbook 13 battery - Google Product Search

any of these cheaper alternatives?

Any of you replaced your batteries?

I'm like a thread posting machine today!


Senior Member
I have considered this aswell, but my concern is price. Why the hell are apple charging £97 and these guys under £40?


Senior Member
I am tempted, even it last half the time of the apple one I'll still save money. now all I need to do is figure out the serial number bit, it's a shame our expert is on his way to his Mecca
Apple do their own refurbished batteries (only comes with 3 month warranty rather than 12 months) but you have to ask in Apple store for prices/ availability. The price they quoted me for my 15inch MacBook Pro was only about £15 cheaper than a new one however so I didn't bother, but might be worth finding out if you have a store near you.