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Mac OSX 3D Desktop! Like real surface, base and 3 walls!


Senior Member
Am running it on my MacPro and so far have not noticed any perfoamce problems running it all.

The free one is only missing a few features so is definitely worth a download and try!

Fully customizable look wise aswell with being able to choose different backgrounds for each "wall & base"


Senior Member
Its just an application, install it and it just works without restart etc.... Just loads at login, simply to remove, just quit application and trash it lol!


Senior Member
I've seen a similar video for Windows but it's nothing for me. My desktop is pretty much empty and for notes and stuff I just use my dashboard.


Staff member
it's not a good idea to use it on windows anyways, windows doesn't like too much junk stored on the desktop.


Well-Known Member
I'll say it's a cool idea, but I won't be using it. I like the traditional desktop. I don't need an opportunity to have a virtual space just as messy and disorganised as my real one...