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Loyalty Card Stamps

I've have a few requests for loyalty card stamps.
I have seen a few suppliers of generic 'house' 'tick' or coffee bean' but was wondering where I could get 'bespoke' loyalty card stamps from?


Staff member
If you're wanting an actual ink stamp then there are plenty of places that make custom ones, both the self inking and the more
traditional ones with an ink pad.
I saw that Zazzle had started doing them and you can get actual photographic halftones done now so you can even get your face on a stamp.
Fancy that! :D
Yesterday I trialled 4 different stamp companies. 3 our non UK yet pretending to be, I thought this strange. One Dutch company payment system keeps reverting to Dutch language during payment process. Obviously a gremlin messing with their language plugin. I was unable to pay - customer service took order but failed to process.
The UK company had a fast site (no postage cost hoorah) they even proofed the image. So I await the results to compare.
I will review both sites mentioned by Scotty & Boss Hogg next time.
Thanks for tips.
Most impressed with Rubber Stamp Company (co.uk). Fast delivery on a bespoke stamp. Spoke on the telephone afterwards to thank them. Very courteous and helpful. can recommend them.