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Looking To Partner With A Web Designer

I hope this is the right place to post this as it's to do with web design/development.

I'm looking to partner up with a designer who will be responsible for creating designs in .PDS format. I will convert these .PSDs into a range of formats for your clients such as to HTML, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla! Etc... This would be a good opportunity for us both as you can concentrate on designing and work on multiple projects at the same time, while I code it for you quickly and efficiently without you having to worry about coding as well.

Currently working off my own site these are the things I offer my clients:
› Express Delivery
› HTML + CSS Conversion
› Highest quality markup
› Follows the latest industry standards
› Ownership of all files will be with you
› Cross browser compatibility
› 24/7 Online Support

However I am looking to partner with designers at the moment for multiple jobs if possible where we can work together a number of times and get a good relationship going.

If you're interested we can discuss this further if you send me a private message where I will tell you about prices and any other things you wish to know.