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Looking to do new logo design


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

I am looking to design a new logo myself;

I want a single logo to represent:
- UK Value Computing
- UK Value Hosting
- UK Value Design
- UK Value Gaming

I want the logo to be simple and flat coloured, does anyone have any suggestions that they could fire at me please..
If you're going to design it yourself then my suggestion would be to brainstorm what your company means to you, get some keywords down, and then brainstorm logo ideas based on these keywords, like shapes, colour, etc.
I'd think about the look and feel you want to achieve. Is it professional and corporate? Or fun and contemporary? Hand drawn? Or purely graphic? Is there anything about your company name that stands out?

When we were coming up with the design for Boomerang PR's new logo, I briefed my designer and said I wanted 'fun', 'contemporary', 'fresh' and 'friendly'. We came up with a bird shaped as a boomerang and used lots of hand drawn banners throughout the website, hopefully achieving the desired effect.
maybe the logo could be made up of 4 icons, each represents a different part of the business. Then above the icons is the company name, simple and effective if done right :D