Looking for survey participants (Industrial Design)


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Hi there, I am currently conducting research into the present perception and awareness of contemporary industrial design. Accordingly, I have created a short questionnaire aimed at investigating the current understanding of design movements amongst individuals who practice or study design or design related subjects. The aim of this study is to assess key perspectives and understandings within design, with an aim of establishing whether or not there is a generally accepted design movement at present. Furthermore, the survey aims to explore the implicating factors as to why there may or may not be such a movement whist exploring insights and opinions of individuals who have a close relationship with industrial design. If there are any industrial or product designers here who would be willing to participate it would be greatly appreciated. (Please move if it is in the wrong thread).

The link is as follows: https://lboro.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/investigating-the-current-understanding-of-design-movement-4

Thanks in advance!