Looking for Support!


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Hi everyone i am a Designer,
Architect with a passion for graphic design, mainly everything related to design , concepts, colors and 3D ....

This is my first time here am exited to interact with you all and have a feedback from you to improve myself and help others to improve too,

My main general problem is looking for support from others to have feedback to my work, This is a huge deal for me and i think others have the same feeling at some point in their career,
there is many communities and social media outlets to join and share your art or designs but it always come to popularity in the first place, if you are not popular enough you won't get enough support and feedback!
so i am so exited to try a neutral zone like here and let us all support each others and give feedback and improve one another,

I would be happy if you check my Behance latest project https://www.behance.net/gallery/76017519/Sweet and give me your feedback,
looking forward for your opinions,

please leave your link to your work too and let me and the others check your work as well that would mean the world to me!
I will go first and share my work and there is the link https://www.behance.net/eboo2013fdaa

Thank you all.


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Hey eebo. Welcome to the forum.

I checked out your Behance and I really like this piece: https://www.behance.net/gallery/58512607/Concord-Hospital

3D is a bit of a black art to me as I don't quite understand the process but I do have a great deal of respect for it.

I agree that Behance and other similar sites can revolve around popularity or fame and since it became open to join and not by request it does seem to have changed some.
Also, I think it has become susceptible to fake follows, appreciation and views.
Someone came on here a while back and had fairly average work and bragging about their Behance and they had literally millions of views and more awards than you could shake a stick at. ;)

I just use Behance as a free, backup portfolio which it is great for but it does mean a lot when someone gives me an appreciation as I know they are for real.

You will most likely get feedback on here but don't be off put or offended if it is a little blunt as it is usually meant constructively and the Mod's don't allow insulting remarks.


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Thank you Scott for your response, and appreciate that you care to help,

Am really looking forward for feedback and always open for suggestions and critic whatever it was hard or blunt,
I joined here for exactly that, this is how anyone can really improve his work and know if he is on the right track or not!

Thanks again for the care and fast response it shows a great deal about you guys here, glad i joined.


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No worries eebo. Glad to have you on the forum.

I'm not very qualified in 3D but one of our Mod's @Levi is.
I really like the hospital project as it shows some of your process and I do a lot of isometric work but in 2D which is probably why I appreciate it so much. :D


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Thanks! am glad you liked it, It's all the same imo 2D or 3D you have to imagine, sketch your concept and then execute it in the way you feel like or know how but at the end it's all about designing your guts out!