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looking for help


does anybody know of any tutorials on how to make this sort of island up? is it done in photoshop or do you think other software was used? just have an idea for a travel company i'm doing work for but i cant find a tutorial that would help me. any suggestions would be great.

Sean Lee-Amies

Yup, willing to bet that was done in PS. It's usually just a case of finding the relevant photos, slicing up the bits you need, in this case a boat, ocean water and a section of sand and forest warped or cropped to fit the heart shape.
The water, sand and waves look more like a textures than the use of any photography. You'll usually also want to apply an adjustment layer or two to modify the lighting, making it looks a little brighter and a little more plastic like.
Good luck, let us know what you come up with!
1. http://10steps.sg/tutorials/photoshop/creating-an-ecological-fairy-tale-wallpaper/
2. http://www.pxleyes.com/tutorial/photoshop/2087/Create-a-Surreal-Turtle-Image.html
3. http://wegraphics.net/blog/tutorials/create-a-lost-fantasy-micro-world-with-powerful-photo-manipulation-techniques-in-photoshop/
4. http://10steps.sg/tutorials/photoshop/making-a-book-of-magical-playground-scene/
5. http://www.photoshoptutorials.ws/photoshop-tutorials/photo-manipulation/how-to-create-a-surreal-scene-with-an-invisible-man-inside-a-mystic-cave/
6. http://10steps.sg/tutorials/photoshop/creating-an-ecological-fairy-tale-wallpaper/
Cheers, I'll have a look at the links, My ideas was to make 25% in the shape of an island, I've arsed around but still doesn't look 100% right. (I'm a fuzzy bam when it comes to this stuff) If its not up to par it gets scratched off. ha Cheers for help


Staff member
I hate to disagree with Sean on this (yeah right :p).... but I'd actually say the island was 3d design, merged into the ocean and boat. Not saying the type of work can't be done in photoshop etc but to me the edges are too clean in my opinion and there's no issues with the tree edges etc in this image, also why they've added the filter to 'mask' the cg rendering.
i bought this image and if you zoom in it does look like its done in a 3D software, you could still achieve the same effect in PS but i dont think it will be as crisp as this.

Sean Lee-Amies

It would be possible to do it in both, sure. You could still get sharp edges for the trees without 3D software, and if you look at the trees in detail, a lot of them are clones and it wouldn't take much effort to go over it with some sort of scatter brush on a layer with the blend mode set to colour. You could get a similar result with similar techniques for the shadows too I reckon.