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Looking for designer.......

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Hi there all,

Just introduce myself as Mark form the North East. I am currently a director of a new personalised gifts business predominantly based online.

I am looking for a graphic designer to work with me and my team to create mug designs and t shirt designs for a number of our themes.

This is a long term partnership I am looking for, initially we are looking for 30 designs and then gradually increasing our design portfolio month on month.

An example could be a design to say Happy 18th Birthday or Congratulations on Passing your driving test. I have specific sizes for these designs.

I am not going to specify our budget but would prefer if those interested could PM me with any questions and maybe an idea of the prices you work for.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,

Hi Mark, welcome to the forum.

I've worked with this sort of brief in the past. I produced graphics and character designs for confectionary/celebration/seasonal products. I also have experience with greeting card and licensed character products. I'm based in North Tyneside so local as well.
Samples are available are would be happy to meet up and discuss.
My new website should be up and running this week.
Hi there Typo,

Sounds interesting, where in Tyneside are you? We are in Whitley Bay and i am very interested to have a chat.

Are you on msn?

Can I just confirm the high standard of work received from Typo (Graeme), his work is amazing, I fully recommend him for the type of work he has completed for me. He will continue to complete further work for me and look forward to the future in working with him.

Many thanks Graeme!!!



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Nice to see the DF marketplace is working :)
Thanks for replying to leave a recommendation for Typo too, Mark.

(I'll close the thread for the time being)

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