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Look, it's an introduction!

The natural habitat of a new Design Forums member is either: a) the control panel, uploading an avatar, or b) the Introductions forum. New members can be identified by the distinguishing feature of a post count less than ten and a wide-eyed, exploratory manner. They are not venomous and pose little threat to the intrepid observer.

Hello, Design Forums, my name is Cel. In hindsight I should have probably chosen a proper username, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. I'm a student and a bit of an amateur design enthusiast, and I hail from that curious region of the world where they measure in pounds and not kilograms. (Oddly enough, they are the only ones to do so.) In my spare time, I love to sleep, and eat, and sleep more.

I've been kind of dabbling in HTML/CSS for a while, but I've only gotten serious about learning more and perfecting my skills since last year. It's a very cool hobby, and it'd be great to do it as more than a hobby. ;D

I'm currently trying to get my site/blog up (I'm woefully over-inspired and under-talented), so hopefully registering at this forum (besides allowing me to chat with some cool people) will make me feel guilty enough to finish. ^^ (To tell you the truth, I'm scared of Wordpress. Approaching it is like sneaking up on a usually mild-mannered but fierce-looking gorilla.)

I love this forum already—it actually looks quite good, whereas most vBulletin boards I see are rather...:down:


Active Member
Hi Cel,

Welcome to Design Forums, excellent introduction, we seem to be getting some very original intro's now :) The gorilla you mention is quite friendly (& very useful) once you get to know him, and I'm sure with the various members we have on the forums we can help you overcome the fear!

Thanks for your comment on the forums, I think the extra work/effort in putting us apart from the average vB forum has been worth it.

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Thanks, Greg
I've never been an animal person, Michae. =P But—since I'm more comfortable working with CSS than PHP—I've kind of decided to try out the child-theme route, because it'll be a nice way to ease into Wordpressy-things.

@Greg: definitely; I think the layout was the deciding factor in why I joined up.
Hey everyone, and I'm sure I'll love Design Forums. ^^

(Aarlev, by the way, I was trying to imitate the background for your first portfolio piece the other day...failed miserably...it's quite a tragedy, because it's very nice.)