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Logo Thumbnails

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
In a portfolio, do you think the thumbnail for the portfolio item should be a black and white, full colour or 'in use' image of the logo you've created?

I've got mine up over on my site, the flat colour logos don't look right next too the full colour websites? Any ideas?

Paul Murray

Staff member
Personally I like to keep mine black and white, but this tends to lead to a slightly underwhelming look to the site.

I think full colour, with an example of it in use on the actual portfolio item page would add a bit of interest to the thumbs.

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
That's what I thought, but when I put it in full colour on my homepage, it doesn't balance well with the websites that are there. Nightmare.


Well-Known Member
I don't like a gallery of portfolio thumbnails personally, but If I went down that route' I'd use the full colour, 'in use' logo. I would put the flat vector version in the portfolio folder though as well.