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Logo thoughts


Active Member
Hi all
I am in the process of designing a new logo for a company that specialises in internet marketing, just wondering if you could cast your eyes over my initial idea.
Basically what I am trying to communicate is the rising of profits by using the last two i's as a bar chart. Does it work or does it look like ROLL? I needs a fresh pair of eyes on this please. :)
Any feedback would be great thanks.



Staff member
First thoughts as I see them
Is that ROLL..looks at small text underneath and realises that it's ROII
O looks bigger than the other letters, being next to the smaller I makes this more evident than it probably is.
The two I's look like a smiley face to me for some reason
Honest opinion, idea seems sound enough but I'm not sure how easy it will be to transfer into a concept...might be worth some more sketching time.


Well-Known Member
Sorry, reads as ROLL to me, ROIL at best. Not keen on all lower case for the line underneath too.
Back to the drawing board, I'm afraid. :)


Staff member
I think it's a strong concept but agree that it just needs some tweaking to make it work.
The problem is to distinguish between i and l and our brains are wired to tell the difference quite quickly.
At first glance I did read ROil or ROll.
Maybe putting the dots on the i's would help.
I'd also try converting the line of text to cap's.


Active Member
Its good to take a step back from a design and think about it, it deffo says Roil, Going to work on it tonight. Originally I used a slab typeface and you didn't have the problem, but thought it looked a little old fashioned.

Sean Lee-Amies

I read it as roll too I'm afraid. I think the tag line needs to be a little bigger. Everything else has already been said, I was too late to this party :(