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Logo 'theft' rant


Staff member
Little pee'd off this morning...

A company came to me to get a logo created as they didn't like the options of another company.

I gave them 6 different logo options, I put a lot of thought and effort and incorporated more of their brand into the logos, each touching a different theme within their brand.

I took Friday off, and came back in Monday. I had an email saying that they wanted to go back to the other company. Fair enough, they paid for the 6 hours work and all is ok that way.

However, I received the logo the other company did today, as I need to print it on pens.

All the brand integration I added to the logo to make it identifiable with the company, all my ideas, right down to inserting the years in business - all stolen.

It's my logo I designed with a tacky rainbow stuck to the side of it.

Why did I take Friday off!? WHY?

Guess I still got paid, so not that bad. But not going in my portfolio... maybe the bit I did. But the other company is now taking credit for it. Sigh.


Staff member
Playing that game are they?

Hmm? Maybe it's just one of those things that you put down to experience and add their name to 'the naughty list'.
At least you got paid and got the pen gig and having Friday off will have made you a better person in the grand scheme of things. ;)


Staff member
Yeh, well still annoyed. I do this job for money of course, but I do love my job and I'm not in it for the money, that's just a nice cushy bonus. Ah well, onto bigger and worse things I suppose.


Well-Known Member
Did they pay you for the logo design that they ended up using? Or did they pay you for your 6 hours of work?

If it is the latter, and they ended up using one of your designs, they have no right to even use your idea let alone your design, unless they have paid in full for the right to do so.

I assume they paid for up to your 'initial ideas / options stage' as opposed to payment for a final logo design? As it doesn't sound like you reached that stage before they decided to go back to their previous company.

... And then they have the cheek to get you to print it on pens!


Staff member
Well they're a big client of mine and this is the first time it's happened. I'm going to let it slide seen as I've got four more large projects to deliver on by end of month. I can have those jobs absorb the cost.