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Logo redesign

This business to business software company asked me to redesign their branding, starting with the logo.
They still wanted to keep the lock-idea and wanted a blue/grey color theme but also have it say something more about their company, doing backup. I added 3 server blades in a simplified way to the body of the lock.

Feedback very much appreciated!

Old Logo:




I agree that the Agent should be in a heavier weight, perhaps a similar style to the padlock.

Personally I think the orange and blue colour scheme looks better than grey and blue but that's probably just me!

Overall I like the design, good work :)
Thanks a lot of the feedback :)

Now I have 2 semi-final designs and perhaps you guys could help me out polling:
(actually just about placement of the lock)

Logo 1

Logo 2


Definitely the first one.

I find that putting the icon/design above/below the text only works if the smallest regular shape you can fit around the logo is closer to a diamond or square shape than a wide triangle.


Junior Member
Definitely old logo looks better. Idea with 3 servers is nice improvement, but your execution is not good enough. Try with bolder font, less space between letters, bigger icon in compare with the text part and with no rounded shapes of servers. Top part of lock can be bolder and little wider too.


It kind of feels like a "Hi I'm trying to reinvent the wheel", "Look, I made another wheel" situation. I don't mean any offence, I'm not sure I could do much better. I empathise as some logo jobs are undoubtedly much harder than others, especially if the client is restraining your artistic vision.

For me, the orange and blue works well as orange is quite an alarming colour whereas blue is undoubtedly safe and secure - much like the company its representing. The grey just doesn't do it for me personally.

I'm just not sold on the padlock, perhaps if you take out the spacing between each blade it may look better and the top section, as luke says, definitely needs to be bolder.