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Logo & rationale up for critique

Hi Guys,

Logo & rationale behind its creation up for critique,

It's a non-profit, community initiative where people with learning difficulties can gain valuable life skills through their work within the cafe.
The experience they gain from their time here empowers them, increases confidence and equips them with self-belief.
The cafe is seen as a driving force behind getting them into society, giving them the momentum to go onto paid employment.

With this in mind the initial logos to follow this brief are attached, with the different facets that make up the running of the cafe coming together to create a propeller/sun.
1) Fundraising/Investment
2) Mentorship
3) Participants
4) Customers
The cafe brings together all these elements with the purpose of empowering an individual, allowing them to take the skills and confidence they gain and go on to other things.

Which design works the best and works with the rationale above?

All feedback appreciated,


Sometimes the most obvious idea is distant from our initial ideas.

How will this logo be used?
(Cafe signage, menu, napkins, receipt, name badges, product stickers, business stationery?)

I think you should also think beyond this brief, from an emotional and creative point of view.

Did you sketch other ideas that blends 'cafe' with 'sunshine'?

Think about what 'sunshine' means, for example happy, energy, excitement, life, confidence, etc.
Same with 'cafe', for example refresh, warmth, cosy, social, taste, comfort, etc.

Experiment with typography!

The overall brand should be competitive, creative and connect people with learning difficulties.
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As above really, doesn't really say sunshine to me. Text could be colour and upper/lower case.

The sun could be a plate with simple rays (arrows?) coming out from behind the text?

Dave L

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The first two are very generic (in a current, corporate sort of way) and, as such, could stand-in for almost any enterprise: they might hit some sort of target but it's a very big one. None of the three say sunshine or social enterprise to me in their current state either, I'm afraid.
Thanks for the feedback so far guys - confirmed my thoughts that it was too corporate for a cafe/social enterprise.

Back to the drawing board for now. :thumb:
I agree this too cooperate looking. I would work on image three if anything as it has softer shapes. The copy could be lower case and choose a playful type, try it all on one line with your shape above it in the middle, to make it more obvious it's a sun... maybe even add a simple cloud. If there's four beliefs, then do four rays of the sun so it relates. Don't forget your umlaut on the cafe too! Image one and three, your shapes and typography are set too far apart so bring them together so they have more of a relationship. Looking forward to seeing the progression. :icon_biggrin: