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Logo on Mac and PC?

yep. while I was doing my HNC we worked on Macs, but I only have a PC at home. Transfered between the two just fine. All I had to do was make sure I had the right fonts, (made easy because the macs had lovely Font Book).

Same goes for the rest of the Adobe suite, and most other programs I'm sure.


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Yep as Becky says just ensure you have the fonts, or if you're at a later stage in the developments then outlining the fonts gets round that issue anyway.

I think I once hit an issue saving as an .AI file because of different versions of Illustrator, so might be safest to save as an .EPS file, but best to test it first in anycase.
Ya I've had the issue too, and it's a much bigger issue inInDesign (good ol InDesign Exchange formats).

I usually just save my AIs as CS3 and make an EPS copy as greg mentioned to be on the safe side

Tom Sound

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A bit of a work around but if you do get stuck and need to open a cs3 on a mac with only cs2 installed. Open the .ai file .eps file or pdf file in preview, re-save from preview as a pdf. If it was an editable file when saved it will (should) open as such in cs2 :D