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Logo Needed


Junior Member
Hi there Im in such of a logo to be made for me, my budget is small £50 but my expertations arnt amazing, I know that the people on here are good at there jobs and therefore could not afford them:(

Anyhows the logo that Im after is attached here badly drawn by me as Im not very good with the old pen, I am thinks light browns sort of colours for the logo

this is it - its ment to be a guy medatating- with a circul around him with the words GURI written undearneth in its own seperate box.

Thanks in advance for any comments even if its to praise my amazing drawing skills




Funny how so many people's budget seems to be £50?!

Maybe it's some unwritten rule I haven't heard of? Lol.

At that price you're looking at someone spending 1-2 hours max on it, or you can try a college student.


Junior Member
sorry I ment to say my expertations arnt amazing, I just need a basic design for a logo any constructive help would be appreciated