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logo in the making


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not sure what youre doing but you could upload it to imageshack and then use the insert picture function :)


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ok in my opinion, the first one is kind of neglecting the martial arts side of the business and the second one is the reverse, I'm assuming the second one is using the ink to symbolise the ink used with the japanese writing.

I want to say try combining the images but I'm not sure that would be enough as the ink in the wrong context could just be seen as trying to be funky or something.

Maybe look at japanese text (katakana is probably the best option here due to it's use for 'foreign' words etc) or look for a martial arts pose that could work as a dance move (I know there are some but can't think of the names).

And I just had a thought, the No. 1 in the round ring (if you take out the person) kind of looks like an old No. 7 logo where it used to be in a circle.
Its early doors yet mate, ive tried to combine the two, but it just looks over the top, almost cheesey. its got me thinking thats for sure mate. I'll see them on thursday so ill bounce my other ideas of them or maybe try a name change.lol which ive hinted at.lol
The top one reminds me of a Christmas pud.
The splash one could be a blood splash from a bit of sparring.
Defo try and combine dance and martial arts a tad more.

Keep at though looking grand.


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mick_mccabe said:
these are my favourite two logos out of the ten or so ive got at the moment so far. (early stages yet) any feedback would be great.
cheers mick
Hi Mick,

I find that the second logo doesn't quite hold on its own. If we take away the text. It is quite hard to tell what that logo will be used for.

Perhaps you could try a silhouette of one of their iconic dance move as part of the logo. Kinda cliche but it just might work.

hi kev, yeah i combined the two together, they were over the moon. i offered to come up with more but they were happy with what they seen. woud upload it but it keeps timing out. i used a dancer n the ink splatter with sun rays comin behide him, because the sun rises in the east and all that.lol hard to explain but it looks good.


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If you're referring to the iPod silhouettes, then no :p

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlHUz99l-eo]YouTube - Ipod Ad[/ame]