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Logo Help within the Online File Sharing Area


Junior Member
Hey Design Gurus!

I've had a project in progress for the last year or so, but since then have no paid much attention to the branding that will be required alongside it.

I have, after much deliberation, settled on a name for the service which shall be Idieus/IdieusOS

The idea behind the service is that you have create, share, edit and manage a huge variety of files online "in the cloud" and the name stems from the greek Idios which means "private" or "own" to suggest the service is personal and like a mini "world" online...

I'm basically asking for ideas, from more inspired and creative people, for a logo to show this.

I'm using the font Cyclo at the moment for the logo typeface but would REALLY like quite a cool looking logo to go with it... regardless of the font (because I'm willing to ditch that)

Any help would be awesome :D


P.S. As a side note, I love things like the logo included here http://www.openvisionbvba.com/img/logotop.png :p Except obviously, something like that would have no relevance :(


Staff member
ok first thing that springs to me is that you need to put forward what you've done.

Second your name sucks, it sounds like hideous which is not a good thing.