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Logo for media company FEEDBACK PLEASE


Please take a look and let me know. Also getting a good graphic done, in the mean time I have that bar like square shape at the end.

Let me know what you think guys.


Staff member
it does seem more like a bar or club type logo, I can see it being cut out from a metal sheet and then backlit in red/pink from behind.

Media - not really, the only thing that has any 'media' about it is the box which was inspired/taken from the channel 'fiver' logo.

It also reminds me of old fashioned dos/ascii type on a screen where they used to have the 'box' to signify where the next letter would come out.

PS. Why not try introducing yourself before asking for help too, we're more inclined to help people who have said 'hello'. There's a section a little further down the main page where you can 'introduce' yourself

edit - you've actually got a major 'association' going on with Channel 5 (they run fiver/five star and five us too). Channel 5 has the lesbian bar show on tv at the moment called CANDY BAR, you've got the 'box' from fiver and I'd say if I was to check you've used a similar style of font too