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Logo font type feedback

Which font type do you prefer for my logo

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I would really appreciate your vote as to which of the two font types you prefer for my logo for an online designer men's underwear retailer.

Our customer profile is as follows;

  • Straight:
  • 20-45
  • ‘Modern man’
  • Conscious of image
  • Design & style oriented
  • Gay:
  • 20-45
  • ‘Settled’
  • Brand loyal
  • Like brands: Nivea, Sony, Gillette, Virgin
  • Conscious of image
Because of the two target markets, I have gone with a type font and colour [hex cc0033] that is relatively neutral, so as not to alienate either sexual orientation. I am also trying to convey;



Paul Murray

Staff member
For a male orientated brand I'd probably keep it black and white/white and black. I wouldn't consider the red hue to be neutral, as red has a number of connotations. Think slick, luxury, refined – male masculinity is a fickle thing, which sadly is why we have shampoos aimed at men in bottles that mimic car shampoo and aftershave bottles shaped like fists and grenades. Branding for the modern man should be like a suit – timeless, well-fitting, simple…

As for the font choices, 1 would be my preferred choice, but that's only because the 2nd option is quite feminine. The name (which I'm not a fan of but that's probably not something we can have any input in) and that font combination suits a cereal or food product much more than underwear (and in that red it's screaming "Kelloggs" at me).

What other options do you have?


Staff member
I just can't get past the name... seriously no man wants something that sounds like its laughing at their manhood......even if it is meant in tongue and cheek manner
sorry but that name is terrible if you are trying to convey reliable & established! I'd expect novelty underwear. As for the two target markets, again the criteria for both fits both probably. The brand should be encompassing all those attributes and as Paul said, mono chrome would suit much better. You'd find it easier to put mood boards together to visualise those profile attributes. It's also really useful to do a competitor audit, see what other successful brands (aimed at your target market) are doing. This will also help in the design process as you can create a brand that will stand out from the competition.