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Logo feedback

hello there, i'm a new designer and i've recently got a request from some friends to make them a logo for their group , they seem to like it but i wanted to know what other people think and what you guys think i shouldve done.



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It's a bit hard to offer feedback on something without any background explanation. What's if for? Was there a brief or a goal for the project?
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As said we need context but my first impressions are it's hard to read and you've gone overboard with the photoshop effects
the group contains only a few members > their goal is to create videos about real life & everyday issues that my accur in their life
NAROX is the name of the group .. i didn't want to make it look too serious nor useless , so i went with (batman-forever) font and cut the N + A to make it look a bit professional so people take them seriously but not too serious as it will make the logo booring and because they also make funny videos.. so i went & gave it the galaxy color > the picture was not that interesting to actually keep looking at it so i added the drop - shadow effect . i didn't use any other effect really
in my opinion & basing on what they asked me to do that's the closest i could get to simulate what's in their minds
Those ripples in the background are a bit distracting, and I would like it more if the text didn't have those blurred edges. Perhaps lighten the shadow just a bit or remove it at all and make an effect where text has this nice reflection. Example :