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Logo Feedback FP


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Another small logo made last night. This time for a chimney sweep business. Comments are welcome for this one, I want to improve it as always ;)




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Hi Guy's,

I want to know....How you present your work to your client? or find new client? Actually the goal for me is to find client and I don't want to use things like freelancerdotcom etc...It's not easy, lot of competition around...My plan is to find some business with (in my opinion) a bad visual identity then work on a new one and present it to the owner. Is it a good plan? What is the best way to do it? Here a kind of document I've made for FP ramonage :

The logo - color used and a small description of the logo/concept.



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Thanks so much for posting these and being a great forum participant.

After being involved in a number of forums over the years, it's usually best to post logo critique to individual threads rather than congealing them all into 1.

Let me know if you would like me to split these up for you and I'll do my best.


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Thumbs up! Thanks Hank,

...So, yes you can split this thread if it could be useful ;)
Yep, I missed it so that's a good idea.
Nice work @Athos.
Consistently good. :D

I can't read French but I'd say that's a very professional way of presenting work.
Much more than I do. ;)


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Perfect! Thanks a lot hank and thanks everyone for all your great comments! Things here doesn't really work for me, hard to find a job in this field, hard to find potential customers so reading your great comments really help me to stay onboard and keep working. Really appreciate it!