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Logo Designs


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I think I would need to understand your business, as i'm unsure what ukvaluecomputing is?
it sounds like an IT hardware supplies. Then i could comment on if the designs reflect and enhance your business.
Hey Berry!

The business is based around all area of computing really..flyer designs, web design aswell as IT Support and remote desktoping etc etc.


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At first look, I would say the logo with three dots above is my favourite to look at.
I like most of the colours used.

As above I don't know which logo if any represent your company as there is no info on what you do.


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glenwheeler said:
Hey Berry!

The business is based around all area of computing really..flyer designs, web design aswell as IT Support and remote desktoping etc etc.
Have you finalized the company name?
Are you trading under that name already?


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I feel as though it should almost be uk value computing 'group' as it seems like a lot of services to act as a single entity.


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For me the three dots seem to just confuse the matter as I don't understand why they're their and they dont really compliment the colourscheme or style of the logo.

I do like the typeface for the three dots option and the colour scheme isn't far off, just a tweak to the orange I would look at. Some small changes to the kerning in Value and Computing then that's my favourite so far.

It still needs something to catch the eye for me though, just something a little extra to stand out.

Just my twocents, got a good basis for a logo in my opinion but the orange does seem a little call-center to me for some reason.
Thanks for the comments Fred.

What do you feel about the orange, to bright? or do you feel it should be a different colour? I have taken you comments on board and i'll take a look and see what more I can out in


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No worries Glen.

It seemed a little too in your face for me, only a tad but always worth tweaking where a tweaks possible.

Something like this seems a little more appropriate, although it was only knocked up quickly.


I had a look on Kuler but it didn't really help with this one so just went with what I thought looked nice, just a little more yellow than red in that one.
I didnt really want it text only as it spreads to far across as its a long name. I want some type of shape that represents the business but I am not very good at creating shapes in Illustrator... I like this shape as it can be used to recognise them, like nike does when you see the tick.

http://www.logobee.com/logo-design.jpg The Green Falcon Design

Thanks for that new design Fred, ill keep playing.


it just comes through as a broken image... but then I am running this in Chrome... and images don't always work on this stupid computer either... so just thought i would let you know that I couldn't see it :p LOL i'm sure other people can :)