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logo design

came across this brief to create a logo, the client didnt want a tooth etc added in the logo but an abstract tree, hill etc. just looking to get feedback on it, as its been awhile since I did a logo. cheers mick


Something that stands out to me is the swirls on the tree. The brown one on the right is 'around' the branch coming from the tree not touching it while the other two go over the branch coming out of the tree. I think the break in the swirl for the branch looks better and should be consistent over all 3 swirls.
I disagree. Tress aren't consistent, sometimes its OK not to be consistent. Putting a break in the other 2 would look odd because break would be in a thick part of the swirl, unlike the swirl with the broken section now. If you make the swirl thinner so you can break it up what are you really gaining? Each to their own.
Nice wee logo Mick - though the point on the top left branch gets a little too fine I think. Might not reproduce great small in comparison to the other branches/strokes


Staff member
ok...like the idea but would tweak it a little

If it was me I'd remove the 4 random swirls floating in the air and try it without the white swiggle down the hill.

I'd also adjust the width of the hill and line to match the overall width of the text so it's like a box so to speak. It just looks off as it stands now. Same with the Autumn Hill text, I'd just move that down just a tad.

I've attached a quick mockup as it's probably easier to show it, it's a bit rough on the hill curve but it gets the idea acroos :)


Cheers for the feed back folks, just trying to make up some good work that could maybe make it in my portfolio, i also had other ideas for this logo aswell, playing with idea of just a leaf on its own.




I really like this logo! There are definitely a few issues with it for me though.

Firstly, the text is lost with the strong contrast between the pale green and the strong, vibrant colours of the tree.

I agree with graphicscove that the tree would look better if the two uppermost swirls were the same as the bottom right one. It's not about consistency for me, it just looks better with the swirls going round the branches than through them.

I'm not too sure on the font you've chosen either, apologies for not being more specific, it just doesn't seem to match the design, in my opinion.

I'm undecided on the path, perhaps you could try the hill as just a thick semi circle outline instead of applying a fill colour to it?

If you're going to have the extra swirls around the tree, can I suggest reducing their prominence in some way, try reducing their opacity to around 40%.

As for the other logos, the leaf ones look like clipart, the top right one looks a bit too fruity for a dentist. The bottom right one looks pretty good, again, I'd reduce the prominence of the swirls on the ground. I like the font, but I'm wondering how well it fits the clients brief? As I said, the font looks good but it doesn't scream dentist to me.

Good luck with this promising logo!
Squiddy cheers for the input, looking at it ur right about the text being lost abit. I'll hav a go at rearranging some things around and playing with some colour changes perhaps. I don't get much working in a printers i dont get muchh creative work coming my way, I want to take this into branding letterhead conp slips etc. something that hopefully wld look good in my portfolio.