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Logo Design Wanted Please - Swap or Cash available

Discussion in 'Skill Swap' started by Live It! Adventure, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Live It! Adventure

    Live It! Adventure New Member

    Hi folks, I stumbled across your forum when looking for graphic design services through Google - I never would have thought of looking for a forum so, well done to the website owners for their search engine optimization skills.

    We will probably be looking for some help with website design in the future but right now I'm looking for a logo for our new company:

    Our name is Live It! Adventure and we offer bespoke adventure activity holidays, principally in kayaking and hill walking but will be expanding our portfolio once properly established. The basic premise is that we tailor make an adventure holiday for our clients - when, where and how they want it. We do all the planning and leading of the trip, they just Live It!

    Anyway, I have some ideas for a logo based around using our name as a mountain range graphic with Live It! representing the mountain and Adventure representing a river. That said, I've looked at some professional logos tonight and am sure that some of you guys can come up with something better....

    So, I'd be grateful if you could PM me your thoughts on what you might be able to offer in terms of design and cost. I have no issue with paying the right price for a good service but am very amenable to the concept of a skill swap if any of you are based around the SW of Engalnd or South Wales and fancy learning kayaking. A full day of tuition including loan of kit would be between £100 and £150 depending on how much prior experience you have so, that gives you an idea of what we could swap; part-swap would be ok too.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Hi Andy,

    Very interested in your project and sent you a PM!

    Speak soon,

  3. Toots91

    Toots91 Member

    Hi Andy,

    PM Sent.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. JH_Designs

    JH_Designs New Member

    Hi Andy,

    Just sent you a PM

    Hope to hear back from you

  5. NewDawn

    NewDawn New Member

    Hi Andy

    Just sent you a pm.

  6. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    I've also sent you a PM :)
  7. Cartoon Logos

    Cartoon Logos Member

    If you're after a cartoon logo I can help you

  8. Live It! Adventure

    Live It! Adventure New Member


    Many thanks for your PMs and offers of support. As I have had no interest in the skill swap option it looks like I will be paying for the logo but what I am confused about is how the process works in terms of me accepting a design.

    If I commission one of you to produce a logo for us do we pay when we accept the design or in advance? I'm a little concerned that we might be paying for something that we might not want, if that makes sense....


  9. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    A good designer will ask you questions in order to establish a brief (if you haven't already created one.)
    These will help the designer extract what you actually have in mind in order to focus them on a style/feel that is relevent.

    The designer will/should show you examples of their work and may reveal the value of the project if they feel it is relevent to the level of work you require.

    Some form of terms and conditions will/should be issued that will show you what the designer expects from you and also some form of written confirmation of your brief back to you including details of the agreed fee, time line, number of stages/revisions and transfer of intellectual property which you will both sign/agree to.

    These plus a general sense of whether you like/get on with the designer should leave you feeling confident that you will get what you're looking for.

    Where things break down are when the client doesn't know what he wants and isn't willing to pay much in order to work out what he does want! Designers aren't mind readers and design is always subjective. However, you are asking for professional help and you should trust your designer - as long as you have briefed him adequately.

    Good designers like to do a good job. Bad designers don't know how to get the best from a client. Others just want to make a quick buck and you're left with a poor/mediocre design solution.

    Hope this helps.

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    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Agree with what the above poster said.

    If you've chosen a good designer to work with, you won't be unhappy with the final result. I usually send my clients a document of questions to help me. The answers you'd give will give me all the information I need to get the perfect design for you.
  11. spottypenguin

    spottypenguin Active Member

    Yep would agree with all the above, I generally send out a T&C and list of questions and get to know the client, what they want etc.

    But if you can view somebody's work, like the look of it and they deal with you in a professional, courteous manner it should be a good indication that things will run smoothly.

    I think most clients wonder about the whole "do I pay upfront, what if I hate what they do?" it just comes down to good communication :icon_smile:

    Good luck with it.
  12. Live It! Adventure

    Live It! Adventure New Member

    Thanks again folks,

    I think that I'm nearly there now. I've had a good response but I still haven't chosen who to go with as it's kind of difficult based on the limited dialogue so far and especially as several of you don't have websites or portfolios on line that I can look at. I've also had a look at some of those automated logo design websites (although I want something unique) and a website where designers provide drafts in a kind of 'competition' which has given me some more ideas. Anyway, rather than replying to each of you individually I figured that its probaby easier to put some more detail here in the forum and see how that goes:

    The company will provide bespoke adventure activity holidays; the bespoke bit is important as most companies have programmed activities that clients have to join in with. Our clients are intended to be groups of friends, sports clubs, families, schools and youth groups. We intend to move into leadership training, team development etc in time but the core of our business will be based around kayaking, canoeing, hill walking and climbing so, I'm thinking of a design that incorporates the name, perhaps with Live It! in green and Adventure in blue then with a drawing of some mountains behind and a sweeping river circling one end - the problem here is it might be similar to other things out there and I'd rather try and avoid that. I like a clear text font but would like the imagery to be a bit more abstract - I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about!

    We are based in Wiltshire but our aim is to offer services globally.

    Our strap line is 'Why Dream it When You Can Live It!'

    I will be looking to use the logo on letterheads, business cards, our website, adverts and magazine articles, stickers, magnetic door panels, embroidered on clothing etc so need it to be in formats that allow me full flexibility and the ability to shop around to different media suppliers.

    Please let me know if that helps you to decide on price and ideas and if you could email me with a draft/concept or some of your previous work on similar lines that would be great. My email is wilsers'at'hotmail'dot'co'dot'uk

    Thanks again.

  13. NewDawn

    NewDawn New Member


    I have sent you an email.

    I completely agree with everyone else. No decent company would expect you to pay in full up front and accept something you don't like.

    We offer unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  14. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Unlimited revisions? I understand the concept of making sure the client gets what they want, but what are system do you have in place to prevent the client from asking for just one more revision?

    Always interested to see how others handle the amount of work they do for the price they quote?
    (Apologies if this is hijacking a thread...!)
  15. NewDawn

    NewDawn New Member

    After listening to the design brief from the client we design 3-5 concepts based on that brief and our own research into their industry. The client then picks their favourite and makes minor adjustments if/where necessary.

    Following this format we find there are not a vast amount of revisions needed.
  16. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    This is good advice (that said, I don't have an online portfolio m'self but I know I'd need one if I was pitching in circumstances like these).
  17. Cartoon Logos

    Cartoon Logos Member

    My terms in this regard are thus:

    "10 day Money Back Guarantee –This guarantee applies to the draft review process only. Once a design has been accepted, paid for and all relevant finished image files have been forwarded to you there can be no refunds. However during the 10 day review period (this can be extended depending on circumstances and the size of the project) you can decline the designs and request a refund of your deposit.

    I submit designs and art work with a watermark when in draft form and only release them without a watermark when the client is 100% satisfied with the design and full payment is received. Once the art is approved, paid for and the watermark has been removed there can be no refunds as the customer has already confirmed they are 100% satisfied with the design."
  18. azurezero

    azurezero New Member

    saved this as general advice to go by if i get work ^^ thanks

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